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Please Join Us For Our Cybersecurity Webinar!

To say that our world seems chaotic and upside down these days would be an understatement. And while there’s not much we can do about international turmoil, politics, or COVID-19 variants, there is something incredibly important that we do have control over: our security online!

We’ve all heard about peoples’ identities being stolen, and maybe you’ve even had someone hack one of your accounts or make unauthorized purchases on one of your credit cards. It makes sense that as we become increasingly dependent on technology and use multiple devices on any given day, there are more opportunities for our personal information to be compromised. But no matter how daunting this may seem, just remember that knowledge is power. One of the best things we can do is learn about cybersecurity and how to protect ourselves.

A Webinar Just For You

We want to personally invite you to our upcoming webinar on this topic. This webinar is led by Gary Rossi, a former special agent with the FBI who has over 30 years of experience as a private sector and law enforcement security professional with deep expertise in investigations, cyber fraud, risk mitigation, and strategic planning. As vice president of Fidelity Security Services, Gary will walk you through what a cyberattack is, how to protect yourself, your loved ones, your possessions, and your information, how to find professionals you can trust, and even how to travel safely. 

Our webinar will be on June 9th at 11:00 a.m. and will be available for replay afterward if you cannot make it live. Register here. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Our goal is to help you secure your valuable information and your finances so you don’t face any unnecessary stresses or challenges as you work toward your ideal retirement. Do you have more questions? We’d love to help you answer them. Reach out to us at 503-446-6450 and be sure to pass the webinar link on to anyone in your life you feel would benefit from the information.