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Aligning Your Aspirations

With the resources you have so no opportunity is wasted.

Wealth management is an extensive topic that covers multiple financial planning topics. Within each topic lies the chance to strategize your resources and efforts so that every aspect of your financial life is organized and coordinated according to your unique needs, goals and plans for the future.

Our passion to be a positive force in our clients’ lives means you will never be left with a complex strategy and no understanding — applying financial principles in your day-to-day life is a key way we help ensure you remain successful in your pursuits.

JGP Wealth Management Services

Retirement Incoming Planning Portland, OR JGP Wealth Management

Retirement Income Planning

Whether you’re approaching retirement or are already retired, we can help make sure you have a solid strategy in place so you enjoy your life past employment to the fullest extent. From Social Security to pension, we’ll take a look at all your income streams to determine the most logical approach and method for you to pay your bills and make the most out of your retirement.

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Cash Flow Analysis Portland, OR JGP Wealth Management

Cash Flow

From creative endeavors to established careers, we’ll create a roadmap for your income and spending so every dollar you earn and save helps get you closer to reaching your goals.

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Lending Coordination Portland, OR JGP Wealth Management


Our team helps coordinate lending needs. From buying a house and utilizing a secured portfolio credit line to other debt needs, we will help you source and plan accordingly.

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Estate Plan Portland, OR JGP Wealth Management


Working with your estate attorney, we’ll be your personal financial guide as you decide the who, what and how of your estate or legacy plan. As things change and your life evolves, we’ll offer tailored objective advice and recommendations so everything remains intact and in-line with your vision. Through it all, we’ll be here to simplify the complex and alleviate any stress or insecurity.

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Tax Coordination Portland, OR JGP Wealth Management


Whether or not it’s filing season, it’s always important to consider all tax implications before making any important financial decisions. We’ll coordinate with your tax professionals to make sure everything (and everyone) is working in concert.

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Education Planning Portland, OR JGP Wealth Management


Whatever concerns you have, our team can help resolve them as you navigate the higher education landscape. Our many years of experience in the industry have provided us with in-depth insight and knowledge into the steps and strategies necessary to secure higher education funding and resources so you can look ahead with confidence.

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Philanthropic Strategies Portland, OR JGP Wealth Management


Charitable gifts are a great way to not only support your community, but also leave a lasting legacy — one that you and your family can be proud of. We’ll walk you through each option and strategy to help make sure your wishes are executed and your vision is brought to fruition.

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Divorce Planning Portland, OR JGP Wealth Management


With a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) on staff, you can start your new chapter with a clear vision of the path that lies ahead. With this clarity, we hope to provide you with peace of mind as you plan your finances and take control of your future. We’ll offer objective advice and dedicated guidance so you feel empowered to live life with intention.

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Asset Management Portland, OR JGP Wealth Management


A sound asset allocation strategy is a key way you can turn your wealth into new ways to live your best life. If you have a current investment portfolio, we’ll review your progress and see if any adjustments should be made. From there, we’ll begin implementing a customized investment strategy to help make sure you reach your objectives and capitalize on the returns you’ve generated.

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Insurance Planning Portland, OR JGP Wealth Management


From life insurance to long-term care, we’ll sit down and review any current policies you have, as well as discuss potential alternatives that may better suit your needs. As you have children, switch jobs, move and more, we’ll evaluate these coverage plans to help ensure your well-being is protected, your needs are secured and your overall financial health remains in good standing.

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Executive Benefits Optimization Portland, OR JGP Wealth Management

Executive Benefits Optimization

We help Nike leaders — as well as publicly-traded company executives — understand their employee benefits so they can maximize the opportunities available to them. From establishing 10B5-1 plans and analyzing stock options to dealing with restricted stock and navigating LTIP, PSP, fee reimbursement, ESPP and deferred compensation, our team will review and evaluate the items outlined to help make sure you are maximizing your benefits.

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