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Why I Work With Business Owners Thumbnail

Why I Work With Business Owners

It’s no secret that entrepreneurs and business owners are the backbone of the economy. They spur innovation, provide jobs, and are a catalyst for economic growth. And going beyond the numbers, businesses are paramount to the communities they serve, where they bring people together and influence the local culture.

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Why I Work With Divorcees Thumbnail

Why I Work With Divorcees

Any transition can cause uncertainty, but the ending of a marriage tends to be painful, traumatic, and overwhelming as well. Amidst the intense emotions and drastic life changes that result from a divorce, there are important financial matters to consider. While there’s no avoiding the emotions that come with such a significant life event, my job is to help reduce some of the stress and worry along the way.

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How To Prepare to Travel in the Post-Coronavirus World Thumbnail

How To Prepare to Travel in the Post-Coronavirus World

We understand that many of you are itching to travel again and trying to anticipate what your first trip will look like in the post-coronavirus world. JGP wanted to provide a reminder that if you have not already, we recommend applying for the new Real ID to make sure you are ready to travel when restrictions are lifted. The deadline for the REAL ID has been extended to October 1, 2021, but given high demand, we suggest you set up your appointments well in advance of travel. We also recommend considering TSA PreCheck, Global Entry, NEXUS, or SENTRI. We have included additional information on how to apply below.

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How To Protect Your Wealth During The Pandemic Thumbnail

How To Protect Your Wealth During The Pandemic

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, few people thought that we would still be dealing with its fallout at the start of 2021. Unfortunately, we are still facing the daily uncertainty stemming from this global health crisis. We are still worried about the toll it’s taking, not only on our health but also on our economy and the financial stability of our families.

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2021 Outlook from JGP Wealth Management Thumbnail

2021 Outlook from JGP Wealth Management

As 2020 began and COVID-19 swept across the globe, it was hard to imagine the magnitude at which the impact of the disease would be felt. But as the actions that needed to be taken to slow the spread of the virus became more drastic and the impact of those actions became more apparent, the stock market responded with the swiftest bear market on record accompanied by a recovery that was just as swift.

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Why I Became A Financial Advisor Thumbnail

Why I Became A Financial Advisor

There are many reasons you probably chose your career. Maybe it was the excitement of future opportunities, the salary, or the flexibility. For me, my reason was simple: I wanted a career where I could have a significant impact on people’s lives while using my passions and skills. We all know that money, and how you handle it, can make or break your life. I became a financial advisor so that by helping people with their money, I am helping them with the rest of their lives too.

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