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On Drawdowns Thumbnail

On Drawdowns

The point is this: there’s always risks around the corner and it’s part of our wiring as humans to focus on what could go wrong to the exclusion of everything else. But the same instincts that kept our ancestors alive likely isn’t conducive to investing successfully unless we can understand and harness it.

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Shaky Footing or the Start of Something Greater Thumbnail

Shaky Footing or the Start of Something Greater

The concentrated rally in US markets this year isn’t out of the ordinary. Doubters would have you believe the market is on shaky ground with the rally being led by so few names. But the same prognosticators fail to recall that rallies following bear market recessions typically feature a concentrated move at the top before broadening out.

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Do what I say, not what I do.  Thumbnail

Do what I say, not what I do.

Placing one’s life savings in assets that may lose value can be fraught with emotions, high and low. When the market turns down and emotion sours, reminders like, “Valuations are more attractive than they have been,” or, “The only guarantee in investing is that cash loses value to inflation,” fall flat. They’re just too sterile for most of us.

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Do Debt Ceilings Matter? Thumbnail

Do Debt Ceilings Matter?

With the market turning to debt ceiling concerns, I thought a few words on the subject may add the context necessary to stick by your investing values.

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