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JGP Blog

Have Markets Decoupled from the Fundamentals?

This market recovery is perplexing to most and has many asking, “What’s causing the disconnect between stock market performance and economic data?” What are investors looking at that is causing this enthusiasm? In short, policy response, the rate of COVID-19 case growth, and the potential for a rapid rebound in corporate profits over the next 18 months have all contributed to optimism for a V-shaped economic recovery.

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JGP Mid-Year 2020 Update

We are of officially over half way through one of the most chaotic, disruptive, and potentially progressive years in our nation’s history. Separation from family, friends, and others we care for punishes us. Civil unrest comes at a daily pace. Fear of an invisible virus permeates our thoughts and actions. These are hard moments. However, the last four months has also given many of us time to pause and reflect on various aspects of our lives.

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