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Second Opinion Service

Exclusively for Friends and Family of JGP's Valued Clients

What to Expect From the Second Opinion Service

We created our complimentary Second Opinion Service to share the knowledge, service, and guidance JGP clients have come to expect exclusively with their friends and family members in a confidential and discretionary manner.

For the past three decades of working together, the JGP team has helped our valued clients live the life they want. This mission is backed by our firm values—integrity, dependability, accountability, confidence, and passion—and supported by reliable systems and processes and our experience in serving financially successful entrepreneurs, executives, and families.

Our team focuses on nine key areas: retirement planning, cash flow, lending, estate planning, tax coordination, education planning, charitable, and asset management/investments. While other advisors often do a few of these things, they typically don’t do all, and many times they only focus on asset management.

Throughout our process, we put all hands together to design a comprehensive, strategic approach to your affairs.

Schedule Your Initial Call Today

1. Initial Call

During this discovery call, we learn more about your needs, provide a high-level overview of JGP’s services, and identify which services are the best fit for you.

2. Leading up to the Discovery Meeting

We request that you upload your documents and information to our secure client portal, which we will use to prepare questions and inform us ahead of the discovery meeting.

3. Discovery Meeting

During this one-hour meeting we paint the whole picture in order to diagnose which areas to address in the holistic financial planning matrix. This is also when you have the opportunity to ask questions and bring up lingering concerns.

4. Evaluation and Review

Our team then uses the next couple of weeks to prepare a thorough proposal for you. The plan will incorporate input from the planning team, the investment committee, and the advisor—a holistic approach to ensure nothing is missed or overlooked. 

5. Observations / Recommendations

The final step is a deep-dive meeting that reviews previous conversations and looks forward with the financial planning recommendations. It includes suggestions from all relevant nine key areas listed above and covers referrals in areas where you may need additional assistance. This interactive process involves your input and conversations about how the plan may change.

Contact us today at info@jgpwealth.com or (503) 446-6450 to learn more about how we can help you live the life you want.