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Our Fees

JGP Wealth Management is an independent, fiduciary, and fee-only firm. We charge in the form of a percentage of assets under management (AUM). While most other advisory firms would try and sell you a product or service based on the amount of commission they’re paid, our fee-based model is in our clients’ best interests.  

While some advisors and planners earn commissions on transactions for products that they sell, we are compensated through an established fee specific to the services we provide. A fiduciary advisor can’t, for example, suggest you buy a security that will provide a kickback for them but not benefit you. At JGP Wealth Management, we aren’t out to make a commission or sale. Our number-one priority is giving you advice that helps you reach your financial goals. For more information on our fee-based model, reach out to us at info@jgpwealth.com